Eletto Art Tour Association designs trips and trainings in Tuscany, with workshops of history of art, sculpture, art engraving, hand made paper, music, painting, fresco, ceramic, through a direct and practical approach, in a unique experience of full immersion and sharing in the artistic workmanships and in the culture of Tuscan history of art.

Eletto also programs visits at museums and monuments; hiking in the tuscan landscapes, visits and experiences in organic or biodynamic farms. We can also find together a special theme for your trips (Florence homeland of the Renaissance;  The Tuscan Garden as Microcosm, from the Renaissance to the contemporary; Routes of sculpture; Itinerary in the Architecture, since Gothic Times to the Present; the Urban space; Arts and Crafts …) We’ll tailor up for you the journey you have in mind.

The trips are for all: you can share them with your family and friends, or with your students. If you want to travel on your own simply we’ll think of something just for you.

We like to design also special trips for students and people with diseases: it’s our way to say that the best medicine for who is born with a diversity, as well as for mothers and fathers of these children, it is the excitement of preparing together for the trip, thinking about a day of discovery, new friends, shared experiences.